Josh Rosenbaum

Josh Rosenbaum

This is the personal website of the Josh Rosenbaum that lives in Santa Monica, CA. (Previously Columbia Falls, MT. Sorry if you were looking for another!)

Message Notifier Plugin for Trillian IM:

What is it you ask? Message Notifier uses your keyboard lights (and/or internal computer speaker) to notify you when you receive an IM message in Trillian. It has lots of options. See the Message Notifier page for details.


I'm currently working at ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter allows employers to post to 100+ job boards from one place. Jobseekers can also use ZipRecruiter to find jobs.

Previously, I worked at Bozeman based InfoGears for almost 7 years. I worked on all kinds of cool stuff and mainly coded in Perl and worked with various Open Source software such as Postgres (SQL) and Template Toolkit (Perl template system). We created the back-end code for ecommerce sites as well as billing solutions for those that needed them. (Such as ISPs.)


  • Computer knowledge over 27+ years. (Since approximately 1990.)
  • I'm proficient with Perl, Javascript, Java, and C/C++. Languages I've used in the past include: Quick Basic (my first language), BASIC, TI-85/92 BASIC, Assembly, ADA. (There are others like PHP, but I didn't do anything huge with them.) Once you learn a couple of languages, it's pretty easy to switch around when necessary.
  • Perl technologies like: Catalyst Framework, Template Toolkit, and DBIx::Class
  • HTML/XHTML and CSS/XSL stylesheets
  • SQL - PostgreSQL / MySQL
  • Apache Web Server
  • Memcached
  • CVS / Git
  • AWS
  • Geolocation
  • A/B Testing
  • Various things I've worked on: Email Tracking / Support Issues (With time tracking used to generate invoice line items), Message Board (Forums), Gift Certificates, Link Tracking, logging/reporting, AJAX/JSON connector, Wish Lists, Coupons, Caching, Payments (including credit card), Orders, Contacts, Forms, Email Direct Marketing, Menus, Shipping
  • Patches and bug reports for various perl CPAN modules and other open source software.

Other bio info about me:

  • Age: 37 years
  • School: Graduated at Montana State University (graduate Spring 2002)
  • Major: Computer Science
  • College GPA: 3.42
  • Current Location: Santa Monica, CA
  • Previous Location: Columbia Falls, MT

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